How We Can Help You | Candidates

Let RMS put over 30 years of restaurant industry recruiting experience to work for you! Discover for yourself why so many Restaurant Industry Professionals turn to RMS for help when navigating career moves. Here’s what we do best:


We’ll introduce you to the best companies in your area; companies that are looking for leaders just like you — right now! In many cases the best career opportunities are never even advertised publicly, instead they’re filled from within, and/or companies ask for our help. So we can not only introduce you to the best companies, but also to the best career opportunities you may never —ever— be able to find on your own.

We’ll also introduce you to the best career opportunities! Many companies are growing, opening brand new restaurants in emerging markets that need strong, initial leadership. Others have a need to inject stable, experienced leadership into their ongoing operations. Regardless of the scenario, we’ll know the inside scoop and can help you make solid, informed decisions about the best opportunities available to you.

And finally, we’ll also introduce you to a new perspective! Very few people, even seasoned restaurant professionals, are privy to all the inside details and the true richness of growth opportunities that may exist within many restaurant companies. Depending on your unique skills and personal goals, some career moves are better than others —particularly in the long term. We’ll share that inside knowledge with you as we work together to find the best, career-advancing fit for you.


We’ll partner with you to conduct a completely confidential job search! Our reputation and the future of our business depends not only on our ability to introduce you to the companies you’d like to meet, but to also ensure complete confidentiality. We take this responsibility seriously and will not jeopardize your privacy during your search.

We’ll also partner with you as a true advocate in making the best choices! Unlike most recruitment agencies that tend to center their attention on just employers and positions, we take pride in building relationships with our candidates —aspiring industry professionals, just like you. In fact, forging those relationships is the cornerstone of our business. As your advocate on this journey, we’ll help you sort through the myriad of opportunities that may be available; all opportunities are not created equal, and we will help you to take the best “next step” on your own personal career path.

And most importantly, we’ll partner with you to get the career you truly want! We have spent years building personal relationships with the companies we’ll introduce you to. So we know the players and we understand how and why their hiring decisions are made. This experience gives us invaluable insight into what qualities they’re looking for in their new leaders, and the pitfalls that may inadvertently derail you. As your “friend on the inside” we’ll make sure you have the knowledge you need to succeed.


If you’re truly ready to advance, we’ll get you moving toward that exciting new opportunity! Let us help you to get underway!

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