How We Can Help You | Employers

Fill Positions

From the unit level to the executive office, we are able to help you fill the leadership voids that threaten your business.

How do we find qualified candidates? RMS will use a variety of sourcing techniques to find the very best leader for each opportunity within your company.


Our extensive experience within the restaurant industry puts us in a unique position. We have recruited, placed, promoted, taught and worked with hundreds of leaders. Tapping into this network of relationships delivers an immediate pool of potential candidates for your opening.

Direct Recruiting

We visit restaurants in search of excellence in Operations, Customer Service, Food Quality, Employee Relations and Unit Cleanliness. We also have the ability to directly contact potential candidates and will do so on your behalf.


Because our services not only yield strong leaders for our clients, but also satisfying roles for our candidates, we are frequently rewarded with referrals from those we place.

Internet and Electronic Sourcing

Our strategy of having a strong internet presence allows us to market your opportunities across the country. Postings of our searches with various on-line providers turbo-charges our candidate flow. While you may be able to post in the same venues, we will attract candidates that will not apply directly to you because they do not yet realize the richness of the opportunity you provide. We can deliver this perspective – and bring you the leader.


We advertise in select publications to establish additional applicant flow.


Through establishing our credibility with honesty and integrity and by striving to find the best possible fit for our candidates, leaders in the industry seek us out. Let us introduce them to you.

Our Guarantee

If a candidate leaves for any reason prior to our agreed upon date provided for in our written agreement, we will replace the candidate once at no cost. This is your assurance that you will receive real value from our work.

Teach Your Leaders How to Recruit

We can teach your leaders how to recruit an appropriate staff for your business. We will come directly to your team and conduct effective training that will enable your team to recruit, select and retain the best candidates in their trade area.

Unit / Company Turnover Analysis

Is one of your restaurants having unacceptable hourly turnover? Let us help. We can come to your restaurant for an Employment Audit and determine the underlying issues driving your turnover. And we don’t stop there. Our next step is to work with you to solve these issues and reduce the negative impact that high turnover always brings.